Product Description

  • Enhance the rearing water soluble gas.
  • No noise, save electricity.
  • Can be used with a cylinder, plug-in, do the front upper filter fine filter.
  • Multi-layer sponge design, Ke Yi continued cleaning, transfer cylinder does not affect water quality.
  • All models are compatible accessories can be used flexibly.


Comparison of Product:

Brand Name Model Supply Ability weight
Shanda SD-3330 10 Ton/Tons per Month .3 kg
Shanda SD-4330
Xinyou XY-2835  40L container 5.5*3.8cm
Xinyou xy-2813 380L .3 kg
Xinyou XY-180 850 L .2 kg
Xinyou XY-280 150L .3 kg
Xinyou XY-380 1050 L 306g
XINYOU XY-2822 20 Gallons .3 kg
Leecom Filter Air IF 58 L .2 kg
Weight .2 oz

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