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Great for Breeding or Quarantine Tanks.

Sponge filters are a biological filter that build up a colony of beneficial bacteria to break down ammonia and nitrite, and also collect detritus to help keep water clear. Also works to increase water oxygenation when connected to an air pump.

Uses air via a uplift system to draw water through the sponge. Simply connect to a air pump, powerhead, or hang on filter (not included).

XY-380 Sponge Size:11 x 12cm (for aquariums up to 200L)


Hints for successful operation:

1. soak the sponge in the aquarium water for five minutes before use will help nitrifying bateria colonise easier.

2. always use aquarium water to rinse clean the sponge, never use hot water.


Comparison of Product:

Brand Name Model Supply Ability weight
Shanda SD-3330 10 Ton/Tons per Month .3 kg
Shanda SD-4330
Xinyou XY-2835  40L container 5.5*3.8cm
Xinyou xy-2813 380L .3 kg
Xinyou XY-180 850 L .2 kg
Xinyou XY-280 150L .3 kg
Xinyou XY-380 1050 L 306g
XINYOU XY-2822 20 Gallons .3 kg
Leecom Filter Air IF 58 L .2 kg
Weight .3 oz

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