VivaGrow Aquarium LED Lighting(DN120) with Smart Remote Control

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VivoGrow DN series Aquarium LED light

The VivaGrow DN series is a full automated LED aquarium light strip designed for any freshwater planted setups. The automated 24 hour cycle simulates any typical day starting from dawn, morning, high noon, sunset, and night time. Four pre-set weather modes are programmed and can be accessed by each button on the remote. (cloudy, thunderstorm, sunny, and moonlight). This fixture is also designed to allow the user to customize the intensity of each color from white, red, green, and blue. Up to four settings can be programmed and set for future use. Each unit includes an IR remote, power supply, splash guard, and brackets.

1. Full time lighting, for freshwater

2. With smart remote controller

3. Acrylic bracket

Name Model M. QTY. VOL.(CBM) Power Fits Aquarium

DN series

VivaGrow DN 50 24 0.128 daylight 0.5w LED*32;        RGB 0.2W LED*16 42-45cm
VivaGrow DN 60 12 0.082 daylight 0.5w LED*40;        RGB 0.2W LED*20 60-62cm
VivaGrow DN 90 12 0.117 daylight 0.5w LED*64;        RGB 0.2W LED*32 90-92cm
VivaGrow DN 120 12 0.151 daylight 0.5w LED*80;        RGB 0.2W LED*40 120-122cm
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