Sera Carbonate Hardness Test- kH

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Carbonate hardness (KH) stabilizes the pH value.

Biological degradation process and carbon dioxide consumption by the plants in an aquarium alter its buffering capacity. A low carbonate hardness (below 5dkH) causes strong pH fluctuations (acid drop!). In community aquariums, KH value between 5 and 10dkH ensure a stable pH and vigorous plant growth. Malawi and Tanganyikan cichldids prefer higher KH values from 8-12dkH.

Makes it easy to monitor the carbonate hardness in fresh and salt water.

For approx. 390�dKH. In case of too low KH values we recommend sera KH/pH-plus (in fresh and marine water) or sera pond bio balance (in ponds), in case of too high values we recommend filtering through sera super peat (in freshwater aquariums).

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