Royal Canin Kitten- Pouch 85g

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Royal Canin Kitten Instinctive pouch is designed for 2nd age kittens, where growth continues but at a slower rate.: The kitten prefers a specific Macro Nutrient Profile. The kitten’s bone structure is consolidating. Enery needs remain high, although slightly lower than 1st age kittens. Permanent teeth appear. The 2nd age kitten now has its’ own immune system, however its’ natural defences remain fragile. The size and texture of the chunks are perfectly adapted to the kittens jaws. Helps to build the kitten’s natural defences thanks to manna-oligo-saccharides and an antioxidant complex (vitamins E and C, taurine and lutein).


Meat and animal derivatives, cereals, vegetable protein extracts, derivatives of vegetable origin, milk and milk derivatives, oils and fats, minerals, yeast.

  • For kittens 4 to 12 months old
  • Small tender chunks for 2nd age kittens
  • Easy chewing
  • Natural defence
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