Professional Koi Tank by Ocean Free

৳ 250,000.00

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The OF® Professional Koi Tank System is specially designed for the professional hobbyist in mind.
It is developed base on many years of ornamental sh breeding experience, coupled with the knowledge from our in-house R&D team in advance water
ltration and purication technologies.
Through many hours of relentless research work and testing, our design team have develop the ultimate system that is most suitable for Koi sh keeping.
The superb ltration system incorporates our patented Hydro-Pure technology that is able to create and maintain consistently stable and safe water quality
required for keeping Koi shes healthy.
Special selection of LED lighting spectrum creates the most beautiful illumination eect for the aquarium and brings out the best body colours of the Koi
This tank is also suitable for other medium and large ornamental shes that requires quality clean water.

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