Live Sand- Red Sea Live Reef Base, Reef Pink(10kg)

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Red Sea Live Reef Base Reef Pink is premium live sand for marine aquariums. It reduces maturation time for new aquariums as in contains specially selected bacteria to helps speed up the process.

Promotes stability of pH and KH (alkalinity), high levels of of calcium and carbonates help to maintain the long term stability of pH and KH, essential for healthy coral growth.

Ideal for all marine fish and corals, including burrowing species and bottom dwellers.

Red Sea Reef Base is eco-friendly as it harvested from a constantly replenishing source of aragonite, and its collection does not harm the delicate coral reef environment.


2-4cm depth 4kg per 30cm square (12″ square)

8-12 depth, e.g. DSB/Plenum 10kg per 30cm square (12″ square.)


1. Do not wash, empty the entire contents of the bag into the aquarium, including the water.

2. Spread in an even layer across the bottom of the aquarium.

3. For best results in a new aquarium use in conjunction with Red Sea’s Reef Mature Pro Kit

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