Futian Freeze-Dried BLOOD WORMS(55g)


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Product Description

  • Net Weight: 55g
  • For all tropical and marine fish.
  • The best you can do for your fish
  • 100% natural fish food
  • Store in cool dry place

Futian Freeze-Dried BLOOD WORMS are specially cleaned and tested to remove the presence of unwanted toxins and undesirable organisms that may be found in live bloodworms. The methods of freeze-dried can keep the nutrients and tastes of live bloodworms without any contamination. Futian’s FD BLOODWORMS are good substitute for live or frozen bloodworms. The bloodworms contain high levels of protein and natural pigments to bring out the strong health and deep colors of your fish. It forms an ideal food for small to medium sized tropical and marine fish.

Feeding Instructions:

Feed two or four times daily only as much as your fish can eat within five minutes.

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