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Product Description

  • Dimention: 15.5*15.5*20.5cm
  • Volume: 4.95 Litre/1.3Gallon
  • White Cosmetic Sand: 1 kg
  • 1 small bogwood
  • Artificial Plant: 3 pieces
  • Dry Snail Shell: 2 pieces
  • Build-in LED light

Betta Space Tank:

The BettaSpace’s design is a celebration of minimalism and innovation. The timeless minimalistic design make it a pleasing decorative piece in any homes and offices. BettaSpace’s high quality frames and durable high clarity glass tank creates an ideal habitat for Betta and other small fishes, shrimpsand crustaceans. For the first time ever, the clever switchable Dual-View-LED lamp design allows you to create different lighting and visual impact as you please. To achieve even better illumination, 4 units of LEDs are placed around the LED lamp frame and angled at 35 degrees.

BettaSpace, where nature, art and innovation comes together.

Weight 3 oz

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