AquaWing- Aquarium Air Pump(Model: AQ818)

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  • AquaWing AQ818Single OutputAquarium Air Motor 2.5W 3L / MinLow noiseHigh quality

You can easily use it in any size aquariums. With the double adjustment point you can provide the desired air flow. It does not disturb with its silent structure. You can use it in any environment with its plastic tipped feet. Low energy consumption saves energy. Always unplug the product before servicing the aquarium or the appliance. You can extend the life of your device by performing regular maintenance. After installing the air motor, keep it above the aquarium water level. If it is below the water level, add Check Valve to the air hose to maintain air flow. Otherwise, it causes the aquarium water to drain in case of a power failure. Product Dimensions; Height; 6cm Width: 7cm Height: 10,5cm

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