you want a thriving, brightly colored aquarium then consider picking your freshwater fish by color.
When choosing the fish for your aquarium there are variety of different things to think about. Many aquarium hobbyists design their aquarium around a certain type of environment or they choose a specific grouping of fish. For example, you can an Amazon biotope tank using species native to the Amazon River and cater your tank to the water parameters naturally found in this environment. One thing that many aquarists do not think about when stocking their tank is color. If you want the brightest, most colorful freshwater tank possible, consider choosing your fish by color.
Popular Aquarium Fish Species by Color
Freshwater aquarium fish are typically not as brightly colored as tropical saltwater fish, but there are still some beautiful specimens out there. Below you will find a brief overview of some of the most colorful freshwater fish species divided by color:


Blue – Blue is a very common color in saltwater tropical fish but there are also many freshwater fish that exhibit bold and brilliant blue hues. Many betta fish, for example, exhibit deep blue colorations and there are several blue cichlid species as well. For example, the German blue ram, a smaller cichlid species, has bright blue spots on its body. These fish grow up to 3 inches in length and they can be kept with most community species in a lushly planted tank. Peacock cichlids are also blue in color, particularly Aulonocara nyassae, sometimes known as the blue peacock cichlid.
ed – Many freshwater aquarium fish come in various shades of red such as the betta fish, the discus fish, guppies, swordtails, and various cichlids. The red wag swordtail is a peaceful community fish and a livebearer which means that it bears live, fully formed young instead of laying eggs. These fish grow up to 4 inches in length and they have a deep, dark red color, often with black on the fins. These fish tend to prefer planted tanks and they are best kept in groups with at least five of their own species.



Another red freshwater fish is the blood red parrot cichlid. These fish range in coloration from bright orange to deep, blood red and they are a manmade color variant resulting from a cross between the midas cichlid and the redhead cichlid. These fish can be kept singly or in schools (as long as you have a large enough tank) and they are generally adaptable to a variety of tank conditions. Blood red parrot cichlids are voracious eaters and they produce a lot of waste, so proper filtration is a must.



Green – The color green is not one of the more common colors seen in aquarium fish but there are certain species that have this coloration. The green tiger barb, for example, is a color variant of the tiger barb which is known for its striped pattern. The green tiger barb, as the name would suggest, has an emerald green tint to its body with a fluorescent sheen. These fish tend to prefer warm water in the 6.0 to 8.0 pH range and they are best kept in schools with five or more of their own species. Green tiger barbs can be mixed with tiger barbs and other similar species.
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