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Cats aged 1-6 years need a lot of practice and play and a balanced diet to keep them active and healthy. Cats are carnivores, whereas humans are omnivores, so cats need 2 times more protein than humans. They also need 41 essential nutrients for optimum health. WHISKAS understands the nutritional content needed by cats and each product is specifically formulated with a complete and balanced nutritional content. Whiskas provides a variety of flavor choices for wet food. Not only flavors, but Whiskas also provides various packaging variants such as cans and sachets.

-Specific formulated for cats aged 1 year and over
-Contains Omega 3 & 6, and Zinc for beautiful skin and fur health.
– Contains Vit.A and taurine for eye health
-It contains protein from fresh fish, good fats, balanced vitamins and minerals, to keep your cat active and happy.
– Contains Antioxidants (Vit E and Selenium) for their immune system health.

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