Primus Cockatiel Seedmix 1kg

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Benelux Primus Cockatiel Seedmix  1 kg is Composed of care from high-quality ingredients and added vitamins and minerals. It contains oyster shells.

Feeding instructions:
Birds eat as often as they need to, provide fresh food regularly. Make sure they have enough freshwater. Store in a cool and dark place.

Seeds (millet 70%; yellow millet, white millet, red millet, la plata millet), cereals, vegetable (by)products, bakery products, minerals (oyster shell 1.2%), oils and fats, yeast.

Contains EC permitted colorants.

Raw protein: 11,8%
Raw fat: 4,7%
Raw fiber: 8,1%
Raw ash: 3,7%

Calcium (Ca): 4,6 g/kg
Phosphorus  (P): 2,9 g/kg
Sodium (Na): 0,9 g/kg

Nutritional additives:
E672 Vit. A: 8.250 IE
E671 Vit. D3: 1000 IE
E307 Vit. E: 53 mg/kg
E300 Vit C: 53 mg/kg

E1: Iron (iron(II)sulphate monohydrate) 0,3 mg/kg
E2: lodine (potasium iodine) 0,4 mg/kg
E6: Zinc (zinc oxide) 70 mg/kg

Preservability: 18 months
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