JIN DI Methyl Blue Liquor- Specific White Medicine Powder
December 8, 2018
Dr. Aqua- Anti White Spot
Dr. Aqua- Anti White Spot(120ml)
December 10, 2018
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Dr. Aqua- Antirot Special(120ml)

৳ 150.00

  • Formulated in Germany
  • Net weight: 120ml


Dr. Aqua “Anti-Rot Special” is a newly developed German fish medicine which is used against fishes effected with cottonmouth disease, fin rot, grill disease, open body sores, body slime and also for other external treatment of fishes. Its most effective with salt and when temperature is 32C+.

Its widely used for discus, goldfish, platy, moly, guppy, tetras or any other kind of fresh water effected fishes.

Dosage: Two(2) cap full of medicine to about 10 gallon of water.

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