Product Description

Product Description:

Type: sphagnum Moss

Classification:Organic Fertilizer

PH Value: medium

Water Absorption: 100 (%)

Application:Garden Supplies


1. Naturally grown products with clean materials to reduce the occurrence of pests and diseases;

2, water retention and drainage performance is good;

3, has excellent ventilation performance;

4, rich in organic matter and nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, calcium, magnesium, sulfur, iron and other nutrients, can basically meet the plant’s nutritional needs;

5, not easy to be corrupt, can be used for a long time, do not have to update all materials;

6, can be used alone or in combination with other substrates, easy to cultivate.


1. Used alone, pure water moss can be used to cultivate most of the carnivorous plants. In contrast experiments with other substrates, the cultivated plants are better and grow faster;

2, mixed with peat, perlite, etc., to improve the permeability and moisturizing properties of the matrix;

3, local application:

(1) can be placed on the surface of the substrate to improve the humidity of the air near the basin surface, to prevent the substrate from splashing the contaminated foliage when watering, also has the effect of decorative landscaping;

(2) can also be placed The pelvic floor prevents the loss of the fine particle matrix, improves the moisturizing properties of the matrix, and enhances the breathability of the pelvic floor.


1. The higher the quality level of the water moss, the longer the thicker and thicker the water moss, the less the impurities, the longer the use time, the better the effect. When purchasing, you can choose according to your own economic endurance and use;

2, need to fully absorb water before use (can be soaked in water, squeezed, can also use hot water to quickly absorb water, cool after use);

3, watering should be carried out when the water moss has not completely dried out, once it is dry, it is difficult to reabsorb.

4. When replacing the substrate, if it is found that the water moss is entangled with the root, do not pull it hard to avoid breaking the root. Soak it in the water and wash off the old water moss.

Package Included:

1 X Organic Fertilizer(12L)Approx 150 gm


1. Please note that due to certain factors, such as different displays and different lighting conditions, the actual project color will be slightly different from the items in the picture.

2. Please allow manual measurement of the data (±2cm) to obtain the deviation.

Weight 0.4 oz

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